Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Driving Escapades with Bee, Gina and Bea

So today I wake up with expectation of visiting Earnslaw quarry,for various fun and games climbing over rocks and such, but instead, Bee and Gina have no idea where it is, and rebuff my advances to go and visit Gullet quarry. Therefore, the fun starts when we decide to come back to peasantville (Defford) and take me driving:

In my little blue baby!

The fun starts when I get out of my skinny cul-de-sac and the fuel light comes on. Being loath to spending money on petrol before I've even passed, we decide to wing it and visit Bea so Gina can return some money. After an event with some rather nail-biting clearance distances, I have to park next to a gang of youths beeping their moped horn at me. But, being able to pull away without embarrassment, we head back to my house with a Bea in tow to make fajitas and munch on low fat (I know, lame) ice cream.

Watched an amazing film last night - well, so shite it was amazing. Anyone know The Rock? Nicholas Cage at his whiney sideways-mouth best and Sean Connery with his amazing lisp. Needless to say, 90s American films are so the way forward. Have you seen the size of their cellphones? Genius.

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