Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Wow. How fast has this month gone?

This month has been such a whirlwind, I feel like I've been away for eons. Firstly, it was Big Chill, which was fun but not entirely what I expected.

Of course, I've been to a festival before, but the music wasn't my cup of tea, really. However, the best experience ever with who I know call champagne man.

We're [me and callum] getting dropped off at the purple gate, which is in fact 2 miles away from the purple campsite. So I do my best at looking helpless, and a man draws up beside us in a 4X4, accompanied by a winnebago (wanna bango?) and says we can put our stuff in his car. 5 minutes later, when the traffic halts to a standstill, he whacks out some effing champagne and some plastic flutes and shares his festival celebrations with us. Great start eh? But the festival was a bit of an anti-climax really, as after all I was travelling to Lanzarote afterwards, so perhaps that had an influence.

Well, it was a great holiday! Besides drinking and eating my bodyweight in cocktails and meat products I was surprised to find I had only put on about 2lbs in weight! I can tell you I punched the air at that one :) All inclusive is definitely the way forward. And the spa. Oh mamma that was some good jacuzzi-ness. And the tan isn't too shabby either! Getting back to the daily grind was hard work.

RESULTS. To-fucking-morrow. This is going to painful, I can tell. Comiseratory or celebratory drinks are definitely on the cards, though I have a strong feeling they will be comiseratory. I can't say anymore, otherwise I may pop. Will update at some point tomorrow with tears and multiple tubs of ice-cream.

And then there's my driving test in 7 days' time! August is not a relaxing month for this small one. But not to worry, as I'll be departing to France 3 days after to practice some parlance. Je vais boire beaucoup de vin, aussi.

Anyway, overload of words so I'll stop here for tonight I think. Update soon, over and out.

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  1. Eeeeeeeeeeeee glad you've been having lost of fun poppet! :) We missed you back here in the Shire.. xx